Things I will miss about Dubai over the summer

I’ve only been in Dubai for a few months and I’m not really ready to leave yet. Dubai has really been growing on me.

Of course I will be happy to see everyone back home but here are a list of things I will miss.

  • The Sun
  • The Pool
  • The beach
  • My Tan
  • The possibility to have delivered and eat anything you crave from anywhere in the world just an app away
  • Our big fancy car
  • Mc Delivery that delivers in 10 minutes to our house
  • The smell of Jasmin in our garden
  • Our house
  • The friendly neighbours
  • Being called ma’am
  • Not having to put on make up or blow dry your hair
  • The feeling of being away and adventurous
  • The feeling of being close to anywhere cool in the world
  • Being helped anywhere with everything
  • Not having to put your shopping trolly back
  • ……….