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My name is Anneke Peeters. I am based in Antwerp, Dubai and the rest of the world.

I used to be a globetrotting dive instructor. Lived in deserts, on beaches and on boats for 10 years.  Then I felt the need to settle and  I became a wife and mother. A whole new adventure on its own. I turned into an ubermum and devoted every second to my princess. Until she was about two we never left each others side for more then a minute. When after those two years the umbilical cord was finally cut,  I became a music photographer and did anything else to feed my need for adventure without being away from princess when she was awake.  But….. 

After living in Belgium again for the last 5 years my feet started itching and I’m feeling the need to travel more than ever.  If you combine that with trying to organise a move to Dubai and photographing with a princess three-year old dangling on your leg, you get what this page is all about. I have no particular writing skills, but  I do like to share things and on top this is a nice way to keep everyone at home updated.  Soooooo here it go’s…

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This is my personal blog. My professional photography portfolio you can find on www.annekepeeters.com

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