Are you really a dolphin lover?

11781793_10153997054838362_2394030715184984600_nI’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last days. Read this until the end please to get my point. Anyway I think it’s clear that everyone finds this picture from the Faroe Islands in Denmark very upsetting. Yes 200+ of these loving animals got slaughtered and it upsets me and I hate it! However I always try to be advocate of the Devil and I have been trying to understand why they are doing this. So they use it as food in the cold winter months as they have been doing this for years..And that is the only thing that sort of makes this a bit less evil in my head. At least it doesn’t go to waste. Do I think that they should find a better more sustainable food source that doesn’t involve gruesomely slaughtering these beautiful sea creatures that won’t be around forever because there is not enough of them? Yes definitely!!!! I hope they will be pushed and advised and helped in a better way of dealing with this and that one day this tradition is merely a ceremonial day with fake animals being slaughtered at the beach while they honour their grandparents and thank them for the food when it was actually needed.. It is now however not needed.. Im sure in this day and age there can be a good alternative..

I also do think that some people are being very hypocrite about this.. Suddenly everyone is an acitvist but please look at yourself first to make sure you are clean..What do I mean?
When we stay with the dolphin kind.. A lot of us people ar not saints.. Like for example people that visit dolphinariums. Why?? These animals might not be killed straight away but they have been taken from there homes an are not very happy in captivity. When they die (which is usually a lot sooner then they would do out in the open) they get replaced by another creature taken from the sea. They often get taken in slaughters like this and some of them get hurt while being taken and so on so on. It might be nice to see these animals performing and doing their tricks.. But please picture yourself how they got there.. Its not like someone invited them out at sea to come and join a dolphinarium and they said oh yes captivity seems like a great idea Let’s do that and jump on a boat themselves without being stressed.. No they get taken, they get kidnapped by force and if they are lucky no one dies in the proces.. And why?? Not even for food or medicine.. No for our own silly entertainment.. So please think about this next time you feel the urge to go and see these animals perform.. Only by not buying tickets you are actually not taking part in the cruelty against these sea creatures. If there is no demand for dolphins and whales then eventually people will stop taking them out of the sea.. So if you really love dolphins that take the pledge of never ever ever seeing them in captivity.. There is other ways to see them that are not harmful and a lot more rewarding.

I also feel a rant coming up about hunting and how unresponsible we eat our meat. But I think this is enough for now.. While you read this I am out hugging a tree smile emoticon

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