Things I will miss about Dubai over the summer

I’ve only been in Dubai for a few months and I’m not really ready to leave yet. Dubai has really been growing on me.

Of course I will be happy to see everyone back home but here are a list of things I will miss.

  • The Sun
  • The Pool
  • The beach
  • My Tan
  • The possibility to have delivered and eat anything you crave from anywhere in the world just an app away
  • Our big fancy car
  • Mc Delivery that delivers in 10 minutes to our house
  • The smell of Jasmin in our garden
  • Our house
  • The friendly neighbours
  • Being called ma’am
  • Not having to put on make up or blow dry your hair
  • The feeling of being away and adventurous
  • The feeling of being close to anywhere cool in the world
  • Being helped anywhere with everything
  • Not having to put your shopping trolly back
  • ……….

One thought on “Things I will miss about Dubai over the summer

  1. Ik ben blij dat het je zo aantrekt, het Dubai dat een vraagteken was bij vele bij ons, je hebt werkelijk het wereldse gevoel dat buiten een klein landje nog veel te beLEVEN is. Ik kan je alleen maar heel veel levensgenot wensen, je bent erg goed bezig. Liefs van je papa xxx

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