#2 Lombok —- * LOMBOK – GILI – BALI*

Day 2

The day Milla learned to snorkel.

We woke up and had a relaxing breakfast after which we chose to get ripped off by some beach punters. I needed a sarong and was feeling soft-hearted. My old backpacking self was nagging in the back again but I felt like pretending I didn’t care for once. So we paid way to much for a sarong and some bracelets. Lets just hope they are doing something good with the money, like give their kids something extra. After getting ripped off we took a Taksi to Senggigi town to reload at the ATM.

We quickly returned to the pool because we had promised Milla to go swimming. We got the masks and snorkels out and placed ourselves on the sunbeds with a view. Milla was eager to get in the water and after a while she asked for her mask (until now she liked the idea of snorkelling but as soon as she got the mask on her head she bailed) this time however she seemed really keen. She has been obsessed by fish and maybe she now understands that without the mask she won’t be able to see any when we get to Gili T. Whatever it was that went through her brain it worked. For sure it wasn’t us pushing her. As much as I secretly wanted her to snorkel this trip I didn’t keep high hopes for success. (She only is three after all)

We were in the water with her and there was minor success but definitely a lot of improvement so I was already happy. Mark and I got out of the water, and this is when the magic happened. She asked for her mask and snorkel and jumped in. I wasn’t keen on giving it to her at the start, resulting in me being ready at the edge of my seat to jump in if I needed to. But something went click and she put her face in the water and kicked her little feet to the stairs of the pool. She got out, jumped in halfway the pool en repeated what she had done before, and again, and again, and again. I don’t think I have ever been so proud in my life. I actually cried! My little girl is a mermaid just like her mummy. She is even a better one!

The rest of the day we hung around and then rented a motorbike to go for food and a look around into town. Milla in the middle just like the locals, with the main difference that I brought a helmet from back home for her. She loves it!

My mermaid, expat and travelling girl. Im so proud!

One thought on “#2 Lombok —- * LOMBOK – GILI – BALI*

  1. Van wie heeft Milla het, weer een waterratje geboren? mischien verlier je haar ook ergens als ze wat groter is in het één of ander tropisch land waar mooie duikplekken zijn??? mooi gedaan in ieder geval. Hou ze goed vast alsje op die motorbike zit, groetjes en ammuseer julie extra goed.


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